Friday, October 29, 2010

My Fair Ladies

Jordyn Elizabeth

My newest miracle could not be more different than her big sister. From the moment she was born Jordyn has been an even-tempered, laid back little lady. Not much has changed in the 6 weeks since. She is quick to smile and content to just be...Such a blessing! Every day she is more alert and interested in the on-goings of big sis. I cannot wait to see this little daughter of mine grow into her own unique personality. I pray that I can continue to nurture and cultivate the individual that God intends her to be...

Abigail Grace

My "big" girl has entered the terrible two's at a year and a half! Abigail has an independent nature and her daddy's "I can do it myself and my way" attitude. This is turning out to be quite the challenge for mommy! Abigail is an affectionate and outgoing little girl. She loves nothing more than to make people smile. Abigail is the perfect combination of girly-girl and tom-boy. She loves to shop with her Nana and Aunt Hannah, and she adores riding in any farm equipment she can charm the men in her life to taking her in. Each Sunday Abigail lets us know that she is going to church to worship "Jezzie" (Jesus). I know that now is a critical time in forming the foundation of her faith, and I pray that John and I are sensitive to the leading of our Lord in that direction.

My Fair Ladies are the answer to my heart's desires. The raising of them is the mission I have always felt led too. I want nothing more than to be a faithful godly mother to them. My greatest joys are the smiles that these two precious girls send my direction.