Saturday, January 29, 2011


It is altogether fitting that on the day in which Grammie was honored for her life's works that her Lord would welcome her into her Heavenly reward as well. Never have I had the honor of knowing an individual more worthy of respect and admiration than Donna Gentry. If there was a cause to which she felt passion, then with all of her being she pressed onward in pursuit of her goal. Grammie, with the help of my Papaw, raised 4 supremely rambunctious and mischievous sons into good, hardworking men. She coralled and trained up grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Donna Gentry was created to fight for the lives of the unborn, and the vast majority of her life, time, resources, emotions, and faith endeavored towards that end. It is with certainty that I can say that Grammie singlehandedly saved lives, countless lives. My faith, my character, my values, my morals, and my principles have been derived from the example that she has set. I would not be the woman that I am today without her presence in my life. My words are a meager and inadequate attempt to convey the depths of my love and reverence for the woman that I called Grammie. It is my most sincere hope that my life, that my daughter's lives are a proud reflection of her example. To Grammie I say "See you Someday", but not good bye...May those of you who knew her personally be comforted as you share in our loss.