Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dear Abigail Grace,

Can you even begin to phathom, my sweet boppli, what a blessing it is to know you, to feel you move, to see you grow? You move so much now, and each week those little kicks and punches become stronger. You put on quite a show for cousin Brandi and her ultrasound machine yesterday! You danced and swayed, stretched and curled up. You have quite big feet too, I must say! Cousin Brandi says you are a tad on the big side. (Can you imagine?! Mommy is only 4'10"!) You must take after Daddy! How glad I am that you are indeed strong and healthy! Already you bring so much happiness to my life. Each day Daddy and I begin to know you more and more. We know that you are a little stinker, laying still when Daddy wants to feel you kick! We know you have Rainey blood in you already as hyper as you seem to be. We know you love worship music, and quiet times when Mommy and Daddy whisper about you. We know your name, and we pray about the young lady you will one day become. Remember Abigail, that your name means "her father's joy." Always strive, dear one, to bring joy to your Father's heart and to your Daddy's as well. God loves you. He has a plan for you. Psalm 139 says that He knows your innermost parts, and all of your words before you even speak them. He knows YOU. Follow Him, sweet boppli, all the days of your life...Grow Strong and Healthy.
Mommy Loves You...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Year, A New Home, & A New Life

2009 holds much promise for the Davidson family!

A New Home:
John and I will finally move into our new home this week. Many of you know that this has been a long, exciting, frustrating, and somewhat agonizng processs for us, but the wait has certainly been worth it. Over a year ago we were able to buy a 3 acre piece of land in the midst of Davidson country. This was our dream spot, and the Lord has allowed us to build our home in a location that is truly a sanctuary for us both. (To understand the charm of our little corner of the world you must come and visit us!) Our land overlooks a beautiful hilly pasture, and behind the house is a deep ravine that opens up tp a gorgeous view (including Davidson Cemetery). We are surrounded on three sides by trees and woods, and I can just envision the fun our little ones will have growing up in this setting. John daydreams of building a zip line that will propel our children down the gully, but as of now I am nixing this idea! God truly had his hand upon us in the choosing and building of a home that is just right for us. (I will try to post pictures soon!) John's parents have been gracious enough to let us live in their basement since our wedding, but the time has come to leave the nest (particularly since our first child is due in 4 months!) We pray that this home will not only be a place of peace for us, but for all who walk through it's doors (You all are welcome anytime).

A New Life:
Abigail Grace Davidson...how I love the sound of that name! Our little girl is making her presence in Mommy's belly known! She's an active little lady, which I attribute to the Rainey blood flowing through her veins! (For those of you fortunate enough know a Rainey, you are very aware of this hyper-active tendency) I have been blessed with a smooth pregnancy thusfar, minus my incident of falling down the stairs right before Christmas! (Abigail seemed to love this little adventure, while I had many bumps and bruises to show for my mishap) John cannot wait for our little boppli to arrive! He's ready to play, to take her hunting, and all the other things Daddy's do with their little girls. God has blessed me with the most wonderful husband, and Abigail could not have a better Daddy. John has been anxiously awaiting the time when he too could feel Abbi's kicks, and finally the day has arrived! We cannot wait to meet our little girl face-to-face! May 30 is our anticipated due date, but we are hoping she'll come a little sooner as that's Aunt Meme's (my sister Mary's) graduation day. We are anxious to be a family of three, and to begin the adventures of parenting. God has blessed John and I far beyond measure!
At the beginning of this new year, this new month, this new day, and this new hour, I am so excited to see what plans our Lord has in store for us!