Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3 Years of Marriage + 2 Baby Girls = 1 Good Life

Today is my wedding anniversary. 3 years ago on this day I stood before God and man and made the greatest commitment of my life...it was the easiest and most wonderful thing I have ever done. John came into my life in a whirlwind, and life has been swirling on around us ever since! My husband is a godly, giving man who sweeps me of my feet every single day. Together we have built a family and life that I dreamed about since I was a little girl.

Today is my second daughter's birthday. 3 years ago on this day my new husband and I said we would wait 1 year to have children, and that's just what we did...369 days later I took a positive pregnancy test. Abigail was the joy of our lives for 6 and a half months and then had to move over and share a little heart space with our next gift of life...Jordyn Elizabeth. Today my daughter will arrive into a family whose arms are just itching to hold her. John and I have been so blessed to be given 2 precious little ladies nearlythe moment we asked for them.

Today is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I will be mommy to not just one blessing, but two. I am engulfed in a wide array of emotions that begin with eager anticipation and end in utter terror, but I know my Lord will day-to-day set my feet upon the rock of His love and guide me through. I look forward to today, to the love and to the pain, to the fulfillment of prayers and promises, to the indescribeable joy of being a wife and a mother...