Thursday, March 18, 2010

Understanding Easter

In as long as I have loved the Lord, I have never truly understood Easter. I could never fully comprehend the monumentous event that provided me life everlasting...I do now. Having Abigail and loving her as I do opened the floodgates of emotion and realization of what both God and Mary endured in the death of Jesus. Tears come to my eyes as I even think of seeing my daughter be beaten and murdered for those completely undeserving. My heart breaks as I realize God saw the big picture and to Him it was worth it. I ask myself if I would do it, allow it to happen...for you, for anyone. I'd like to believe I would be strong enough, but truly in my heart of hearts I don't know. This opening of the eyes of my heart has touched me deeply, given me true passion for my God. I hope that God touches you and yours if He has not already so that we may all truly truly celebrate this most special of holidays... Be blessed...I am...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Joys of John

It's been awhile since I have taken the time to properly brag on my wonderful husband. Despite my neglect in writing it down for the blogging world, each and every day I am grateful for him. Last night our little Abigail woke up around 12:30 screaming...painful screams. Initially I assumed that with a little comforting she would settle down, 3 hrs later I knew how wrong I was. John and I tried everything we could think of to take away our poor baby's pain but all to no avail. As many babies do when sick, Abigail only wanted Mommy. Mommy desperately wished she would want least for a little while. 20lbs is no small weight to hold, rock, bounce, and sway with for hours on end. John couldn't have been more supportive. He searched for medicine, filled juice cups, and took care of Abigail as much as she would let him. John was the one who realized that she might be having growing pains, and he showed me how to rub her little legs to ease the pain. Merciful silence came for awhile as John and I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed her legs. He listened to hours of me singing worship songs in an effort to calm both she and I down. John could have shoved his head under the pillow or gone to the couch as many husbands would, but he didn't. He stayed. He comforted both Mommy and Abbi. I was so thankful for John's willingness to just be there even though there was little he could do. As with every day that passes I am so proud to be John's wife, and so grateful to spend my life alongside him.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Adoring Abigail...

My sweet Abigail is not much into posing for pictures, but we managed to get a few good ones!