Saturday, April 25, 2009

When Two Become Three...

For so long now John and I have talked, dreamt about, and imagined the day when our firstborn would arrive. In the midst of it all, the whole idea has been somewhat surreal...yesterday reality hit. Thursday night and Friday morning contractions began, and although I have yet to dilate reality sank in that our little Abbi will be arriving soon. Hormonal me just realized that my days of being only a wife are limited...very limited. I don't think that I ever expected to marry someone I like as much as I like John. I know that sounds bad, but I truly thought that I would weary of of endless hours spent with my husband. Oddly enough the opposite has proven true. The more time I spend with John, the more time I want. Each day I learn something new about this soulmate of mine and find myself falling deeper in love with him. Now the time is fast approaching when I will have to share this attention with another woman (albeit a tiny one). This morning my poor husband dealt with my tears as I tried to explain that I was jealous of our daughter...and she's not even here yet! He patiently reminded me that she would be the best parts of both of us...and that I will always be his first lady. He reminded me of all the adventures and experiences the Lord has in store for the 3 of us. How blessed am I to have someone such as John to love, and how wonderful to carry and raise his daughter. Once again my happiness is retored...I cannot wait to see my husband in a new Daddy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear Abigail Grace,

It won't be long now! I think you are beginning to weary of your small cacoon! Last night Mommy and Daddy had a bit of nervousness when we had 5 contractions in an hour...but finally you settled down and decided to wait it out a little while longer. This morning Mommy had some back labor, and the Dr. said to come in and see what was going on! The contractions are real but it's still not time, so Mommy must take it easy. I can only imagine how cramped you are in Mommy's belly...I know how cramped it feels! Wait just a short time more, my love, and then you can come! Mommy had a nesting frenzy yesterday (which probably explains the contractions). She cleaned her car, organized your room (for the 5th time), and scrubbed the house! Daddy and Boone thought I was acting odd. Poor Daddy has been sick, he caught it from Mommy, and is trying to get better so that he can be all healthy when you arrive. I'm so in love with you, my boppli. Each day my anticipation grows more and more. Daddy and I went shopping and picked out a special dress for you to come home in I know that each day will not be sunshine and roses, but each day will be blessed because of you. So wait...just a tiny bit longer...and then come to us. We cannot wait to meet you. Grow strong and healthy!

Mommy Loves You...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Abigail Grace,

Well dear boppli, our time of being one is quickly coming to an end. Daddy cannot wait for you get here, but for Mommy it is bitter sweet. I have treasured every moment of carrying you, little one, even the unpleasant ones. Every stage of this pregnancy has been an answered prayer, and soon I will see with my own eyes what a wonderful miracle God has made! I will miss your presence in my womb, but how sweet it will be to hold you in my arms! Even now with 6 weeks to go, I can already sense a change in our little family. It is no longer just Daddy and I. We are so looking forward to being a family of four (including your puppy Boone). There are so many things that we want to do with you, to teach you, to show you. Already I am sad at how quickly time will go. Everyone is anxious to meet you, but not nearly as anxious as Daddy and I. I pray that you'll grow strong and healthy...that both you and Mommy will have an easy time in your coming. I pray that from your first breath you will know how much you are loved, by God, by Daddy & I, by Grandad and Nana, by Grandpa & Grandma, by Aunt Meme & Uncle Logan, by Uncle Joe & Aunt B, by Aunt Hannah and the twins, by Aunt are blessed my daughter, spend your life blessing others.
Mommy Loves You...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Egg-static About Our Abbi

Here's my special Easter Egg! We couldn't be more "Egg-static" about our little girl's upcoming arrival!